Dear Middle School Parents,


I want to make you aware of a change that is coming in the configuration of the iPads that were issued to your students. Our initial intent was to encourage, in students, a feeling of ownership of the devices by allowing sufficient freedom to configure the devices according to their personal tastes. This meant that students would be free to download personal apps, with your approval, as they saw fit. While we anticipated that the devices would contain a combination of personal with educational apps required for instruction, the volume at which the personal apps are being loaded onto the devices was unforeseeable. Among the reasons for this is the simple fact that many of the newer apps and their updates require much more memory than earlier versions and therefore require more percentage of the memory available on the device. The result of this increased app volume is that, for many students, there is no available memory to load the applications needed for instruction, which remains the ultimate intent of using the devices.


To address the issue and maintain the use for which the iPads are intended, we will be re-configuring the devices to clear memory space. This will remove access to some of the personal applications currently on the device. Those apps that are removed from the devices will still be resident and available through your iTunes accounts, just not accessible on the devices themselves. The entire reconfiguration process will take a few days and we are scheduling the change in ways that will not impede the progress of classes. The devices will still be a means of receiving and submitting assignments, and allow for research. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me or our Technology Director, James Rotenberry. Our contact information is available on this website. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


David K. Slothower

Secondary Schools Principal

Calhan School District RJ-1



Mission Statement


The Mission of Calhan School District is to create, through a collaborative effort, an accepting, supportive, and safe learning environment that encourages growth in each individual. Our purpose is to promote high standards of educational achievement and social responsibility and to develop lifelong learners with the skills, the knowledge, and the understanding that are necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century.


“Promoting high standards and social responsibility”







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